Clinical Massage with Spa Program

98.685 quarter credit hours / 1213 clock hours / 52 weeks / Title IV Credits 48.52

This program focuses on the clinical and rehabilitative approaches to massage therapy, integrating Western and Eastern massage techniques for effective results.  The program prepares students for entry-level positions as massage therapists in a variety of medical and holistic settings, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, medical and physical therapy offices and hospitals, wellness centers, and for private practice in collaboration with other health care providers.  In addition, this program includes Spa Therapies Certification which provides specialized knowledge and skills in spa history, theory, culture, types of spas, and business practices specific to spas and the spa industry.  This program also prepares students to take the National Certification Exam, and exceeds the hourly educational license requirements for most jurisdictions that require 1000+ hours, such as New York.

Course Listing                     Clock Hours      ____ 
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology    165 clock hours
Applied Neurology                  36 clock hours
Applied Pathology                  60 clock hours
Clinic 1, Clinic 2, and Clinic 3   127.5 clock hours
Clinical Applications              40.5 clock hours
CPR and First Aid                  12 clock hours
Foot Reflexology                   16 clock hours
Kinesiology                        150 clock hours
Massage Therapy                    260 clock hours
Practice Management                8 clock hours
Professional Development           60 clock hours
School-Designated Specialty        34 clock hours
Shiatsu                            180 clock hours
Spa Therapies Certification        64 clock hours 
Day and Evening Course Schedules Are Offered