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There are many benefits of attending massage therapy school in Hackensack, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from New York City via the George Washington Bridge.

Are you planning to attend Massage Therapy School?  Do you want quality, convenience and even an innovative environment for learning?  Then consider yourself lucky to have discovered our New Jersey Massage School.  Attending a massage school will prove to be highly beneficial to you.  Massage Schools are institutions of higher learning like colleges, but we only focus on the training necessary for your healthcare career objective.

In you have made up your mind that your next step is massage therapy school, selecting the right school is paramount.  Academy of Massage Therapy has all of the benefits you could look for in a massage therapy school.

massage therapy schools new jersey, new jersey massage schools, massage training programs new jerseyAcademy of Massage Therapy is not expensive when compared to college tuition costs

The Class Sizes at Academy of Massage Therapy are kept small so the learning environment is very personal and hands-on.

Our teaching philosophy is based upon “hands-on” learning with the theory to support the practical applications.

Academy of Massage starts with the assumption that every student is a beginner and needs to learn the basics before he or she can learn the more advanced techniques.

And finally, Academy of Massage Therapy is the oldest massage therapy school in the State of New Jersey.  That means we have more graduates in the field who are now massage employers themselves.  And that means your job opportunities are greater when you are an Academy of Massage Therapy graduate.  We constantly receive job opportunities for our upcoming graduates to consider and take if it fits their needs.

So again, welcome to the School and we look forward having you as a student and graduate!